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Fantasy Premier League Free Hit Strategy

In Fantasy Premier League (FPL), mastering the use of chips is crucial for success. The Free Hit chip plays a pivotal role in navigating through unexpected turns during the season.

Definition and purpose

Free Hit is a strategic chip that allows you to make unlimited transfers for a single Game Week without enduring any point penalties. Your squad then reverts to its original composition before the next deadline.

The primary purpose of the Free Hit chip is to tackle Blank Game Weeks or optimize your team in Double Game weeks when multiple games are played by some teams within a single Game Week.

Optimal timing for usage

To fully leverage the Free Hit chip, it’s best used when your current squad faces a Blank Game week or in a Double Game Week to exploit teams with favorable fixtures.

Assess your team’s needs and the fixture landscape to decide the ideal moment.

Strategic use is often the difference between climbing up the ranks or falling behind in your FPL league.

Comparing Free Hit with Wildcard and other Chips

  • Free Hit vs. Wildcard: Unlike the Free Hit, using a Wildcard permanently changes your team whereas the Free Hit is a one-off opportunity. Wildcards are best deployed for long-term strategies whereas Free Hit addresses immediate concerns.
  • Other Chips: The Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips also provide vital strategic options. Bench Boost utilises your entire squad’s points in a Gameweek, and Triple Captain triples your captain’s points. These chips are distinct in function and should be used to complement your chip strategy according to the season’s dynamics.

By understanding how to optimally deploy the Free Hit chip, you can navigate the ebb and flow of the FPL season with confidence.

Strategic deployment of the Free Hit Chip

Deploying the Free Hit chip effectively can yield significant points in your FPL campaign.

It allows for a one-off chance to combat unforeseen issues like fixture congestion, injuries, and suspensions, as well as to leverage differential transfers for that potential big points boost.

1. Assessing fixture difficulty and player form

Before activating your Free Hit, closely analyze the upcoming fixtures for their difficulty level. Opt for players facing weaker teams, and harness the form guide to select those who have been consistent performers. Remember, this is about fielding a squad that can maximize returns in a single gameweek.

2. Managing Double Game Weeks and Blank Game Weeks

Utilize the Free Hit during Double Gameweeks to capitalize on players who play more than once, and during Blank Gameweeks to offset the downside of owning players who aren’t featuring. This strategic timing is key as it provides an opportunity to score heavily while others may struggle with limited player selections.

3. Injury and suspension considerations

Sudden injuries or suspensions can dismantle a well-planned squad. Your Free Hit presents an escape hatch, allowing for quick and temporary replacement of affected players. This can protect your team against unexpected points hits that come from making multiple transfers in a regular gameweek.

4. Maximising point potential through differentiation

Embrace differentials — those players not widely selected but with the potential for high returns. Identifying under-the-radar players can help your team stand out and amass a higher points tally. Target those poised to benefit your squad for the single gameweek that your Free Hit is in play.

Season-long implications of Free Hit decisions

Your Free Hit chip is a strategic asset in FPL, with far-reaching implications throughout the season.

The timing and use of this chip can significantly influence your overall team value and mesh with your long-term FPL strategy.

1. Impact on overall Team Value

  • Timing: Using your Free Hit during double gameweeks can maximize points without long-term cost. However, improper timing might lead to a loss of value, especially if you miss out on price rises.
  • Player selection: Focus on short-term gains with players you might usually overlook. This can help you avoid price drops associated with underperforming players you might hold long-term.

2. Aligning Free Hit with long-term FPL strategy

  • Complementing other Chips: Strategically, your Free Hit should complement other chips like Bench Boost and Triple Captain. For instance, use the Free Hit when you’re positioned to make the most of a Bench Boost in subsequent Game Weeks.
  • One transfer per Game Week: Consider that you typically have only one free transfer per Game Week. A Free Hit allows you to make wholesale changes without penalty, setting your team on a desired path without disrupting your usual transfer strategy.

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