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Best Fantasy Premier League Podcasts

As you immerse yourself into the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), distinct podcasts offer a variety of insights and engagement opportunities.

Discover popular podcasts, learn where to listen, and how to interact with the dynamic FPL podcasting community.

Popular FPL podcasts and their unique offerings


Hosts Alon and Walsh discuss various aspects of the game, often infusing their commentary with a mix of banter, footy insight, and humor.

They cover narratives from the Premier League and provide weekly ramblings related to FPL strategy and updates (FML FPL – Fantasy Premier League Podcast on Apple Podcasts).

It’s well known for its blunt and humorous take on FPL decisions week-to-week.

2. FPL Blackbox

The FPL BlackBox podcast is about providing FPL tips and advice on player selection, captains, and chips.

Hosted by Az (@fplblackbox_az) and Mark Sutherns (@ffscout_mark), the show focuses on learning from past mistakes and discussing strategies for upcoming gameweeks, with a particular emphasis on analyzing key stats and optimizing FPL performance.

3. Fantasy Football Scout

The Fantasy Football Scout podcast is dedicated to providing listeners with in-depth analysis, tips, and advice for playing FPL.

The podcast features discussions on player picks, team news, strategies, and captaincy choices, helping FPL managers make informed decisions for their fantasy teams.

It’s a resource for both seasoned and new players looking to improve their FPL rankings and gain insights from experienced members of the fantasy football community.

4. The Green Arrow FPL Podcast

The Green Arrow FPL Podcast, hosted by Adam Hopcroft and Fergi from Fantasy Football Hub, is a weekly show discussing the best strategies, stats, transfers, and captaincy options for FPL managers.

The podcast aims to provide listeners with expert insights and advice to help them succeed in FPL by making more informed decisions each Game Week.

5. Always Cheating

The Always Cheating FPL Podcast is an award-winning weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley.

It focuses on providing equal parts strategy and community for FPL managers, offering insights into player selections, game tactics, and transfer market movements.

The hosts aim to create an engaging and informative experience that helps listeners improve their FPL performance while enjoying the camaraderie of the FPL community.

6. The FPL Wire

The FPL Wire podcast is a weekly show that delves into the intricacies of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), offering insights, information, stats, and banter to help FPL managers make informed decisions for their teams.

The podcast features hosts Lateriser12, Zophar666, and BigManBakar, who are experienced and highly-ranked FPL managers, sharing their expertise and strategies to improve the listener’s FPL experience and performance.

7. Planet FPL

The Planet FPL podcast, hosted by Suj and James, is a show dedicated to discussing all aspects of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

They review each gameweek, preview upcoming fixtures, analyze player performances, and provide strategic advice.

The podcast aims to be a comprehensive guide for FPL managers looking to optimize their teams and improve their overall rankings.

8. FPL Happy Hour

Rob is a part of the FPL Happy Hour podcast, where he and his co-host Sham dive into weekly Fantasy Premier League topics, providing analysis, tips, and strategies to help FPL managers with their game decisions.

They often engage with the Twitter FPL community and discuss various topics brought forward by listeners.

Key elements of great Fantasy Premier League podcasts

When you search for engaging FPL content, podcasts are a treasure trove of information.

A high-quality FPL podcast provides extensive insight into the Premier League, helping you make informed decisions for your fantasy team.

Consistent updates: Look for podcasts that offer regular and timely updates. Subscribe to those that match the rhythm of the game weeks and provide post-game analysis.

Expert analysis: Seek out podcasts that feature experts or experienced FPL managers. They usually have a grasp on the pulse of the game and offer valuable tactics and player insights.

Guest features: Pay attention to podcasts with guest appearances by fantasy football pundits or insiders that can offer a fresh perspective.

Interactive community: A podcast with a strong following on platforms like Twitter and Facebook often involves listener questions and discussions, making your listening experience more interactive and community-driven.

Technical tactics: The best FPL podcasts deep-dive into statistics and player performance. This data-backed approach can significantly influence your FPL strategies.

Platform accessibility: Whether you are on the move or at home, ensure the podcast is available on multiple platforms for easy accessibility.

Here’s a concise table highlighting what to look for:

Update FrequencyWeekly updates aligning with game weeks
Analysis QualityInsights from experienced FPL managers and experts
Community EngagementActive social media presence for discussions
Tactical DepthStatistics and performance analysis for informed decision-making
AccessibilityAvailability on various platforms and easy to subscribe

With these elements in mind, your FPL experience is sure to be enriched, keeping you at the top of your fantasy game.

Strategic insights and player analysis

Making informed decisions in Fantasy Premier League requires not just a gut feeling, but strategic insights and thorough player analysis.

The best FPL podcasts can be invaluable, providing you with expert breakdowns, transfer strategies, and much more.

Expert opinions and differentials

Listen to FPL experts like Kelly Somers and Sam Bonfield discuss the impact of differentials to gain an edge.

Understanding which under-the-radar players might outscore more popular picks could be the difference between a good and a great Game Week.

Transfer strategies and captaincy choices

Double Game Weeks are critical junctures. Podcasts featuring Julien Laurens can guide you on timely transfers and selecting the right captaincy choices to maximize points, especially during these congested fixtures.

Statistical breakdowns and Game Week previews

Tune into shows that delve into comprehensive FPL stats and fixture analysis, offering predictions and insights on the upcoming Game Weeks.

These can help you decide who to bench and who to play.

Leveraging social media and community feedback

Integrating community conversation and insights aired on platforms like the FPL Family and the Sky Fantasy Football Podcast can provide a broader view of the game through active discussion and banter.

Exploring FPL drafts and mini-leagues

FPL draft and mini-league strategies discussed by Ian Irving and other experts can offer a different perspective, necessary for success in varied FPL formats beyond the official fantasy football game.

FPL tools and resources

Podcasts like Off The Bench often highlight useful FPL tools that aid in making informed decisions, such as visual representations of player stats and performance metrics.

Market movements and FPL economy

Understanding player price fluctuations and market trends can prevent losses and enable gains in team value. FPL pods regularly feature segments on player price predictions and market dynamics.

Platforms for discovery and listening to FPL content

For platform choices, you’re not short on options:

  • Spotify: An accessible platform with a broad range of FPL podcasts.
  • Apple Podcasts: Offers exclusives like the official FPL Pod for Apple users.
  • Community sites: For aggregated lists and recommendations, platforms like Podyssey curate top FPL podcasts.

It’s all about finding what resonates with your listening preferences and FPL strategies.

Interactive elements in FPL podcasting

Interactivity makes these podcasts more than just listening experiences:

  • Twitter and Facebook: Engage in the conversation real-time during live shows and post-episode discussions.
  • Community feedback sessions: Some pods, like FPL Wire, integrate listener questions and dilemmas.
  • Live streams: Platforms such as The Athletic include live Q&A with FPL experts during broadcasts.

By participating, you not only gain knowledge but also contribute to the collective intelligence of the FPL community.

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