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Best Fantasy Premier League YouTube Channels

When immersing yourself in the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the vast array of content available on YouTube can be overwhelming. 

Finding the right channels to watch is key to enhancing your experience and performance in the game.

Here’s a few good ones to check out when you’ve got some time to spare:

1. FPL Blackbox

Described as the Messi/Ronaldo of FPL channels on a Reddit thread, this channel provides a deep analysis that could give you an edge.

It’s hosted by Mark Sutherns and Az, who have impeccable overall rank records in previous seasons.

The content on their YouTube channel mainly offers FPL tips and advice, focusing on player selection, captain choices, and strategy, often backed by in-depth statistical analysis and data.

2. Let’s Talk FPL

With a dedicated host like Andy, this channel offers weekly updates, preseason insights, and a balanced viewpoint to keep you at the top of your game.

It’s a cornerstone in FPL content for good reason.

3. FPL Focal

With short and concise video content as their main selling point, FPL Focal offers tons of insightful FPL information to viewers.

This includes tips, team analysis, game week previews, transfer suggestions, and live streams where they discuss strategies and respond to viewer questions to help FPL managers make informed decisions for their fantasy teams.


For more visual content, FPL TV’s graphics and presentations make team selection strategies clear and digestible.

5. FPL Tips

As the name suggests, this channel offers tactical advice to refine your game plan throughout the season.

While these channels undoubtedly offer personalized content that’s engaging, remember to check your privacy settings in order to control your data and manage personalized ads.

Your YouTube homepage and video recommendations will adapt to your preferences as you interact with FPL content. This means the more content you watch related to FPL, the more customized your YouTube homepage will become, serving both personalized and non-personalized content tailored to your interests.

Note: Keep in mind that ad serving on YouTube is also influenced by these interactions, so engage with FPL channels that suit your preferences to ensure a better-crafted YouTube experience.

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