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How to Find Your Fantasy Premier League Team ID

Your FPL ID is essentially your team’s digital fingerprint within the Fantasy Premier League universe. It’s a unique identifier that differentiates you from the millions of other managers participating in the game.

When you create your FPL account and set up your team, this numeric identifier is automatically generated and assigned to you.

Your FPL ID is a distinctive key associated with your Fantasy Premier League account, pivotal for tracking your team’s performance and joining leagues. Each manager’s ID is unique, ensuring their team’s data is accessible exclusively to them.

Where to find your unique identifier

To locate your unique FPL ID, you need to log in to your FPL account.

Navigate to the ‘Pick Team‘ or ‘Points‘ tab where you manage your squad and see your Game Week performance.

Within the URL of this page, there will be a unique number sequence between ‘/entry/’ and ‘/event/’, which represents your team ID.

In the example above, the team ID is 10897862.

Importance of FPL ID

Your FPL ID is not just a number; it’s the key to a multitude of functionalities within the FPL ecosystem.

It allows you to join private leagues, track your fantasy football ranking, and analyze your team’s history.

It’s also essential for those looking to use external FPL tools and websites that offer deeper insights into your performance and strategy.

Your unique ID ensures that you can manage your team with precision and compete against others.

Utilizing FPL ID for third-party tools

Maximize your FPL strategy by integrating your FPL ID with third-party tools.

These tools can provide detailed analytics on your points, squad, and prices, helping you make informed decisions:

  1. Performance tracking: Use your ID on sites that track historical performance to understand your team’s evolution over the season.
  2. Price change predictions: Certain tools forecast player price changes. Incorporating your FPL ID allows you to simulate how these changes affect your team’s value.

Remember, your FPL ID is more than a number; it’s a key to unlocking a more data-driven and informed FPL experience.

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