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How to Join a Private League in FPL

Follow the sequence below to start competing against your friends in various private leagues.

Joining a private league

After assembling your squad in Fantasy Premier League, you can also engage in friendly competition by joining private leagues where you pit your team against those of your friends.

Remember, you’re allowed to be part of up to 25 private leagues using a unique code provided by the league’s creator.

1. Go to the Leagues & Cups menu

Navigate to the Leagues & Cups area within your Fantasy Premier League dashboard.

This is where you will manage all your league participations, whether public or private.

2. Click ‘Create & Join New Leagues & Cups’

Here, look for the Create & Join New Leagues & Cups link to explore your options for joining new leagues or setting up your own mini-league.

3. Select the ‘Join an Existing league & cup’ option

To join a league set up by someone else, choose Join an Existing League & Cup.

You can enter into competitions with friends or colleagues who have already formed a league.

4. Choose the ‘Join Invitational League & Cup’ button

Once you select to join an existing league, click on the Join Invitational League & Cup button.

This is specifically for those leagues where you require an invitation code to participate.

5. Enter the unique league code

The last step involves entering the unique league code you received from the league creator.

Ensure you input the code correctly to be added to the correct mini-league and start competing against your friends.

Understanding private leagues

Private leagues in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) present an exclusive platform where you and a select group of participants can test your managerial skills against one another.

They contrast with public leagues in that an invite from the league’s organizer is mandatory to participate.

Invite-only access

To gain entry into a private league, you need an invitation. This typically takes the form of a unique code or an auto-join link provided by the league’s creator.

If you receive a code, you will have to manually enter it within the FPL platform to join the league.

On the other hand, an auto-join link streamlines the process by allowing you to join the league instantly once clicked, assuming you’re logged into your FPL account.

Types of Private Leagues

Private leagues in FPL can vary based on the organizers’ preferences and rules but generally fall into either classic scoring or head-to-head matchups.

In classic scoring leagues, the aim is to accumulate the most points over the season.

Conversely, in head-to-head leagues you’re matched against a different league member each week, with the goal of scoring more points than your opponent in that particular game week.

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