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Fantasy Premier League Double Game Week Strategy

Double Game Weeks (DGWs) in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) present unique opportunities to maximize your points. These are weeks where a team plays more than one fixture within the same Game Week.

To effectively navigate DGWs, you need a well-thought-out strategy.

Understanding Double Game Week strategy

Analyze the upcoming fixtures

Firstly, analysing the fixtures is crucial. Teams with favourable matchups are more likely to score high points. Identify these teams and consider transferring in key players who have the potential to score big across their two games.

Captaincy picks

When it comes to captaincy, picking a player with two games can potentially double your points. It’s vital to choose a player who not only plays twice but is also in good form and has a high chance of starting both matches.

Use your chips

Utilizing chips can significantly enhance your DGW strategy. The Bench Boost chip is particularly potent as it allows you to gain points from all 15 squad members. The Free Hit chip can be used to tailor your team for a single DGW without long-term impacts on your squad, making it perfect for accommodating unexpected or short-term fixtures.

If you’re targeting the utmost impact, consider deploying the Triple Captain chip on a reliable player during a DGW for potentially thrice the returns.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a wildcard. If used before a DGW, it allows a complete overhaul of your team, positioning you to capitalise on the upcoming fixtures.

In summary, being successful during a DGW means:

  • Transferring in players with favourable fixtures and high potential for returns.
  • Choosing your captain who is most likely to play both games and has strong form.
  • Strategic use of chips like Bench Boost, Free Hit, or Triple Captain can be game-changers.
  • Considering a wildcard ahead of a DGW to optimize your team for the extended fixtures.

Stay updated with the scout’s picks and popular transfer targets to inform your decision, and you’ll be well-equipped for the DGW challenges.

Remember, every point counts; stay agile and prepared to make last-minute changes based on the latest team news. These are the moments that define your FPL season. Play smart, and good luck!

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