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Fantasy Premier League Points Errors

Possible causes of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) points errors can include:

  1. Data input errors: Incorrect data entry or delays in updating the points due to human error or technical glitches can lead to temporary discrepancies in the points displayed.
  2. Technical glitches: The FPL system may occasionally experience bugs or server issues that affect the correct tallying and display of points.
  3. Rule misunderstandings: Players might misunderstand the points system, leading them to believe there is an error when points are correctly calculated according to the rules.
  4. Statistical revisions: Post-match adjustments in player statistics (like assists, goals, or clean sheets) after further review can lead to changes in points that are not immediately reflected.
  5. Bonus Points System (BPS): The allocation of bonus points happens after matches and can sometimes be a source of confusion or perceived errors if users are not aware of the BPS process.
  6. Website or App updates: During updates or maintenance of the FPL website or mobile app, temporary points errors can occur.
  7. Player eligibility issues: If a player does not meet certain criteria for a match, like not being part of the starting XI or bench, points may not be allocated as expected.
  8. External data providers: FPL relies on external data providers for match statistics; any errors in this data can lead to points discrepancies.
  9. Substitution and captaincy errors: Automatic substitutions and captaincy points (including vice-captaincy) can sometimes not be applied correctly, leading to errors in the total points.
  10. Deadlines and time zones: Misunderstandings related to the Game Week deadlines, especially with players in different time zones, can result in unexpected points or lack thereof for transfers and team changes.

When points errors occur, they are usually identified and corrected by the FPL support team.

Players can often find explanations for points adjustments in the ‘Fantasy Premier League Help’ section or through official FPL communications.

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