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Fantasy Premier League Points Not Updating

When participating in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you expect your points to update promptly after each gameweek.

Delays can lead to frustration, but most issues can be tackled with an understanding of the system and some troubleshooting steps.

Identifying points update delays

First, verify if there’s an actual delay in your FPL points update. The Bonus Points System (BPS) takes some time to process data post-match.

Official FPL Twitter updates can provide real-time information if there’s a widespread issue. It’s normal for points to be temporarily withheld during this period, especially for actions such as substitutions.

  • Check the FPL website or app an hour after the last match of the day to see if updates have started.
  • Confirm Game Week deadlines; points won’t update if the Game Week hasn’t officially closed.

Troubleshooting account problems

Next, ensure that your account problems are not the source of the delay. A simple overlooked mistake can prevent updates.

  • Verify that your team was registered before the gameweek deadline.
  • Log out and log back into your account to refresh the data.
  • Confirm none of your players were substituted or Chips were used improperly, which might affect the scoring.

If your team meets all the regular criteria for updates and points still haven’t been added, contact the FPL support using the help feature in the app or website. Keep in mind that the FPL team may be aware of the issue and could already be working on a fix.

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