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What Are the Fantasy Premier League Challenge Prizes?

The FPL Challenge offers a tantalizing array of prizes and gives you an opportunity for recognition, with weekly and monthly competitions as well as grand prizes to compete for.

Whether you’re aiming for the excitement of a trip to New York City or striving to win an official Premier League Nike match ball, your strategic squad selection in this fantasy sports experience could lead to impressive rewards.

Weekly and monthly prize structure

Every week in the FPL Challenge, you can compete for weekly prizes based on your league scores. These prizes are designed to reward top-scoring managers and keep the competition fresh.

For instance, the thrill of the Red Rivalry gives you a chance to prove your selection prowess when Liverpool and Manchester United face off, with special awards for exceptional performance.

Similarly, monthly achievements are recognized, where consistency and tactical acumen can earn you a coveted FPL bundle. These prizes not only add to the excitement but also enhance the FPL experience by incentivizing skillful play and dedication.

Grand prizes and special awards

The grand prizes in the FPL Challenge are truly something to strive for. Imagine winning an end of season prize draw, which could include a trip to New York or exclusive EA Sports FC merchandise.

Moreover, special awards, such as a signed Premier League shirt, are also up for grabs, providing you with a tangible piece of football history.

These grand prizes and special awards are not just about the monetary value; they’re a testament to your strategic prowess in fantasy football.

For detailed rules on squad selection and league participation, your journey starts by crafting your fantasy football team at the Official Premier League site.

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