Would you pay a monthly or yearly subscription for an FPL Academy website that performs the eye-test for you?

Something that looks like this…

One of the biggest issues for many FPL players is lacking the time to navigate through the sheer wealth of FPL resources on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. in order to pick out the best players ahead of a Friday or Saturday game week deadline.

By creating an aggregate website, you could have the best content at your fingertips each week, as a tool to help you climb the FPL ranks and win all your competitive mini leagues.

A website concept similar to the one illustrated above would mean you save countless hours watching Premier League games, freeing up your time to do other things whilst your FPL team is optimized and ready for the next game week.

More importantly, if you enjoy the highs of achieving a great overall rank in FPL, would you spend money on a service that handles player scouting for you?

Let me know down below if this is a platform you’d be interested in.

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